Is Christy Schimpf a crazy?

Name: Christy Schimpf
Location: Ohio
Email: moc.l1679492358iamg@1679492358fpmih1679492358csyts1679492358irhc1679492358
Dating Profiles:

Christy was dating a guy. He said she would have fits and throw temper tantrums like a child. She was planning her 20 year high school reunion so he thought she was just stressed. According to the messages we saw Christy acted more and more erratic. He said she was bad at sex so he stopped seeing her. He told her several times he wasn’t interested anymore and she wouldn’t stop calling or emailing him.

4 Replies to “Is Christy Schimpf a crazy?”

  1. I met her on Tinder and she is using those same pics so the must be years old. Definitely got the feeling she was crazy so glad I decided to look her up before getting with her

  2. Ha! She terrorizes the place I work. If we do one thing she doesn’t like she would goes crazy. Didn’t matter if we are right or wrong she goes straight to psycho.

  3. Just met her on bumble and she came across as a little off glad I looked her up before we met.

  4. I know her and just saw her on Bumble. She is such a liar and still using the same damn pics as she was 10 years ago. You wont see a normal pic of her because she has gotten really BIG since those were taken

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