Christy Dean a cheater or a player?

Name: Christy Dean
Birthday: 1979
Description: 5’5 blond or colored hair
Email: moc.l1685484499iamg@1685484499naedy1685484499tsirh1685484499c1685484499

We have emails spanning several years were Christy sent guy #1 pics and talked about everything from planning dates to kids. They would talk on the phone and text but she would never meet him. So he gives up.

Fast forward a few years and Christy answers guy #2’s ad saying she has a huge sexual appetite and her current boyfriend isn’t satisfying her. The guy doesn’t want a cheater so he reports her to us. There isn’t enough information for us to do anything with it though.

Fast forward again a few months and Christy answers an ad Guy #1 puts online. They talk some and when she finally remembers who he is she disappears. Guy #1 decides to report her to us. Our face match software links the two reports and here we are.

So for years has Christy been a player? A cheater? Both?

2 Replies to “Christy Dean a cheater or a player?”

  1. It sounds to me as if she spoke to two different guys and for whatever reason she decided she was not interested and so she stopped speaking to them. Without ever meeting them in person, without ever sleeping with them or anything like that. (comment edited to remove information not about person in the review)

  2. We have emails proving that Christy with one man but look for other man and lead them on. It is for people to decide what kind of person that makes her

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