Is Christina Parese Crosa a crazy?

Name: Christina Parese Crosa
Other Names:
Physical Description:
Location: Dublin, Ohio USA
Phone: 614-353-4542

Matched up with her on Tinder but when I would call she would never answer her phone. Met another woman so gave it up. Then I am single again and back on Tinder. See her and give her a call. She starts screaming at me because she thinks I am some other guy so I hang up. She realizes I am not the other guy and texts me apologizing. I keep trying to talk to her, sometimes she knows who I am and other times she thinks I am someone else. So I tell her that cuz she can’t remember who I am that I am not interested and won’t contact her again. That is when she goes absolutely psycho and blows my phone up cursing me and threatening me. This chick is nuts and you better off staying away from her


Warning from Website:
We received an email from moc.o1685662491ohay@1685662491ydleb1685662491leahc1685662491im1685662491 claiming that Christina’s behavior was caused by her ex boyfriend. Michael Beldy went on to explain that Christina’s ex-boyfriend was currently spending time in prison for being violent. We asked for proof and Michael Beldy refused to supply it.
Michael Beldy then switched his story to say that the man was out of prison and trying to kill Christina. The man continued to email us more than 30 times before we set our servers to automatically delete his emails.
We do not believe any of the stories about a crazy ex boyfriend as they refused to provide the proof we require for reviews and changed the story. We are adding this in case they try telling anyone else the same stories.


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10 Replies to “Is Christina Parese Crosa a crazy?”

  1. [This post was blank but is publish so that we save posting person info]

  2. This girl reached out to me. Dated her for about 6 months and truly f elt bad for her. She couldn’t eat, had chest pains told me all this time, Truly felt bad for her? Had no idea what was going on? After 6 months she tells me I’m in love with someone else? Had no problem with that. Texted her three months later to how she was doing because truly cared about her. Told me her boyfriend was in prison for domestic
    violence against her. Was there for her every day of the ordeal. What did she do? She went ghost…Shocking

  3. People treating her badly isn’t a reason to do treat others the way she does. Christina does nothing but lie and play games. It is probably another one of her stories. If that other guy is stupid enough to buy her excuse about having a boyfriend in prison for domestic violence I have a big white house in Washington DC to sell him.

  4. Sounds like Michael Beldy is a whacko too. Why don’t you create a page for him?

  5. At now we block his emails so they not come through. We not review people, only share reviews. If someone else reviews him we will share it.

  6. The funny thing is that no one is mentioning the fact that that she was activively invonvled in multiple relationshionships while all all of this so called “abuse” was “ was going on. I know the accused, and the incident in question was an argument where she grabbed his face and told him to “shit the fick up”, to which, he, pushed her back, and told her to do the same. Hardly a “beating” . Nonetheless, a “shame”. The case was DISMISSED. And for good reason. You people are idiots for believing otherwise.
    When women scant around town and spread untruths, simple minded men get caught up. It’s a story as old as the Bible.

  7. Christina cheated on that guy. Anyone in Dublin knows her and knows that. Karma is a bitch. Much like Michael Beldy. I mean, seriously, who goes to the internet to “boo hoo” about his relationship with a girl who is obviously involved with someone else not working out? Your 43, Michael. And your single and on Tinder for a very good reason.
    If you truly care about Christina, you should go confront that “horrible man”. That is, if you aren’t currently busy wrecking other homes.
    Be a man. Take your lessons. Stop crying.

  8. Known her since 2014, she’s absolutely nuts! Don’t get yourself mixed up with that!! Totally bipolar or some other mental condition that isn’t and/or hasn’t been treated. One minute you’re the love of her life, and the next she’s screaming and fighting and going berserk, totally needs validation from others, but then the next day it’s all roses and love… STAY AWAY!!! Save your sanity, wallet, and court record!!

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