Is Christina Dugan a player or cheater?

Name: Christina Dugan
Phone:  859-802-6686 8598026686

Christina sent x-rated photos of herself doing various sex acts. They are extremely graphic so we couldn’t share them. In the emails she says she wants to meet the guy and all the normal things about sex and money. But she never meets him. She makes plans and then breaks them. When he confronts her she tells him stories that were he believes were lies. He thinks she was playing him so he reports her to us.

When we looked at the emails and pics we realized she had sent the pics to more than one person but couldn’t tell who. The guy who reported her said she would disappear in the middle of conversations and not give any real reason why. Maybe she wasn’t playing him but cheating on someone else?

So is Christina Dugan a player or a cheater?

Christina Dugan

3 Replies to “Is Christina Dugan a player or cheater?”

  1. She sent me the same pics and did the same thing to me. She even told me the pics were just for me. I hadn't talked to her since and when I was looking on facebook for her I saw your website pop up. So I found her online and asked her about it.

    She said this is her ex trying to making up lies to get back at her. Then I pointed out she did the same thing to me when we were supposed to have our date and sent me the same pics but lied and said she had just taken them for me. That is when she signed out and I haven't heard from her since.

  2. Yeah. I know her. I know for a fact she cheats, has sold herself, up and left her husband and son with no warning, and is a lying, cheating, hoe bag. Whatever happens to her she more than deserves

  3. I’ll be she’s the same type of woman who calls all men dogs and cheats. Good job, Karma!

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