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Is Virginia Morgan a cheater?

Name: Virginia Morgan Other Names: Geni, Virginia Kent Morgan Birthday:7/21/77 Physical Description: short acne glasses Location: Seattle Washington 98107 Email: Phone: Facebook: Instagram: babylemonade Review: She started having an affair with a customer from work. He sent her flowers and gifts. She was meeting him daily. She destroyed a

Suzanne Mendoza a player?

Name: Suzanne Mendoza Other Names: “Latina Bianca” and “Bianca Appolonia” Birthday: 7/7/1977 Physical Description: brown hair and eyes, 5’8 about 165 lbs Location: Everrett, Washington Email: Phone: 206-476-0924 A man says he dated Bianca for awhile. Then shortly after they started dating she asked for money to help pay her bills