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Is Cori Fina moc.l1675265001iamg@1675265001anifi1675265001roc1675265001 a player?

Name: Cori Fina Nickname: Description: Cincinnati Ohio USA Location: Email: moc.l1675265001iamg@1675265001anifi1675265001roc1675265001 According to the report we received Cori met a guy on Tinder and they talked on the phone a lot. After a few weeks of talk they made a date but Cori never showed up. Afterwards Cori called and apologized

Is Tiffany Weems a player?

Name: Tiffany Weems Other Names: Tiffanyyumm and tiffshawnnEmail: moc.l1675265001iamg@1675265001mmuyy1675265001naffi1675265001t1675265001 Phone: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Tiffany met a man on Tinder and said she wanted a hook up. The messages show they made plans to meet, smoke marijuana and have sex. The man went to where Tiffany said to meet him but

Is Jasmine Jones aka moc.l1675265001iamg@167526500112lle1675265001wensr1675265001m1675265001 a SeaHag??

Name: Jasmine Jones Email: moc.l1675265001iamg@167526500112lle1675265001wensr1675265001m1675265001 Jasmine responded to a personal ad placed by a couple looking to have sex with an attractive and physically fit woman. She wouldn’t send her pic and when she finally did, it was obvious that Angela was not fit or height/weight proportionate. The couple responded