Category: Unknown Location

Cheaters, players and fakes that we do not have a location for.

Is Morgan Princxssmo a scammer or a prostitute?

Name: Morgan Other Names: Princxssmo Description: Blue hair, thin, 5’5″ Twitter: Princxssmo Websites: Morgan met a man online and pretended to be interested in having sex with him. After they chatted some he asked her to meet for sex. Morgan said he would have to join her OnlyFans

Scam Dating Sites and Legitimate Alternatives

Most people know the FriendFinder Network and websites like AdultFriendFinder and Alt are a scam. Here is a list of dating and personals websites that are widely believed to be scams or allow scam and fake accounts. We offer alternatives that are reputable websites. (legitimate alternatives are Tinder and

Is Chrissi Barker a player or a cheater?

Name: Chrissi Barker Other Names: Lynn Kingston, Lisa Watson Phone: 937-718-2582 and 937-974-0920 Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Other Links: Chrissi met a guy on Tinder. They talked about sex a lot and Chrissi told him about all the things she liked to do during sex and how she liked

Is Davina Eccard a cheater or a player?

Name: Davina Eccard Other Names: Birthday: Description: 5’10, dark hair, 34D Location: Email: Phone: 513-981-1387 Other: Dating Profiles: Davina met a man online. In the messages we saw Davina told him what kind of sex she liked and that she was really into guns. Every time the man asked her out she would