Category: Unknown Location

Cheaters, players and fakes that we do not have a location for.

Is Jody Newman Harsley a player?

Name: Jody Newman Harsley Other Names: Jody Harsley Physical Description: white woman, overweight, blonde, nose job Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: KIK: LinkedIn: Dating Profiles: Other Links: The screenshots show that Jody met a man on Bumble and after talking they agreed to meet. The man showed up for

Is Leanna Marie Valdez a crazy?

Name: Leanna Marie Valdez Other Names: leeleevaldez711, leanna val, Leanna Eldridge, Leanna Chavez, Alex Valdez, Joseph valdez Birthday:01/09/1984 Physical Description:5’2 about 275 lbs.long black hair past her butt. native American, Mexican, and Irish Location: Fresno California USA Email: moc.l1685830771iamg@1685830771fspeo1685830771jlil1685830771 moc.l1685830771iamG@1685830771117ze1685830771dlave1685830771eleel1685830771 moc.l1685830771iamg@168583077149ann1685830771aeleg1685830771dirdl1685830771e1685830771 moc.l1685830771iamg@168583077149lav1685830771annae1685830771L1685830771 Phone: 559-724-2615 559-421-0032 559-484-8512 Instagram: Review: A

Is Brittany Skinks a scammer or a prostitute?

Name: Brittany Skinks Other Names: BrittanySkinks Birthday: 2001 Physical Description: black woman, 5’8, small breasts and bad stretch marks on stomach Phone Number: 937-706-8798Screenshots of messages show that Brittany Skinks met a man on a dating app for people with BDSM fetishes. Brittany gave the man a phone number and