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Is Kwesi Serraneau a player?

Name: Kwesi Serraneau Other Names: K, Kay, Quincy, K.Sav Birthday: 9/15/1997 Physical Description: 5’7″-5’9″ Location: Hackensack/North Jersey Phone: 201-695-4114 Instagram: Review: Psychopath who only gaslights in order to cheat, and cheats sloppily. He lovebombs anybody he can specifically using the word “love”. It’s Lovebombing is mostly verbal combined with

Is Courtney Pharo a cheater?

  Name: Courtney Pharo Other Names: Courtney Vandunk Kawula, Courtney VanDunk Email: Phone : 973-809-1547 Facebook: She answered an ad on Craigslist and explained she lived out of town but would be visiting and wanted to have sex. When they were supposed to meet she never showed up. She later contacted