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Is Jennifer Christoforidis a player or a cheater?

Name: Jennifer Christoforidis Physical Description: fake breasts Location: Florence Kentucky USA Birthday: 1979 Phone: 859-304-2962 Facebook: Jennifer Christoforidis met a man online and they talked a lot. Jennifer sent him lots of pics of her topless and they made plans to meet for sex. Then Jennifer didn’t show up. He

Is Jaime Lee Montgomery a stalker?

Name: JAIME LEE MONTGOMERY Other Names: Birthday: 31st of July, 1981 Physical Description: Green Eyes, blonde hair, 5’6″, 125lbs Location: Covington, Kentucky Email: Phone: 513-631-4569 Facebook: Jamie Lee Montgomery is accused of being a stalker that has violated court rules several times including breaking into her victims home. Do you think