Is Cassandra Prastine a cheater or a player?

Cassandra Prastine
Cassandra Prastine

Name: Cassandra Taylor Prastine
Location: Ohio USA
Description: 5’10”  38DD size 10, 36 pants length
Email: moc.o1685479196ohay@1685479196norie1685479196hc_ym1685479196
Phone Number:  513-405-5268

Cassandra met a guy online. According to the emails and messages we saw Cassandra was sexually submissive and wanted to be with the guy. They talked for several weeks and made plans to meet and talked about having sex.

This went on for several weeks. They made plans twice and she cancelled both dates. He tried reaching out to her after that but she didn’t respond to his emails or text messages.

Update September 2013: Cassandra has contacted us and said that our report is wrong. Cassandra states she thought the guy was a joke and that she was playing a long. She says she was not sincere about dating the guy and was just playing a long because she thought he was funny. Cassandra than says he freaked her out because he was serious about dating. Cassandra also says they never made “real plans”. From the emails and texts we saw Cassandra did tell the guy about how big her breasts are and what she liked having done to them. Cassandra also did agree to go out with him and then later sent him messages canceling.

So here are our questions to everyone.
Do Americans talk about sex and their large breasts with people that they are scared of or don’t plan to have sex with?
Do they send pictures to show off their breasts if they aren’t talking about sex.
Do people in America cancel plans they don’t really make?
Do they apologize for canceling and agree to make new plans if they are not interested?

Do you think Cassandra is a player?

Update October 2015
Another man sent information that he had met and possibly sex with her while she was dating another man.

Cassandra Prastine
Cassandra Prastine
Cassandra Prastine
Cassandra Prastine
Cassandra Prastine
Cassandra Prastine
Cassandra Prastine
Cassandra Prastine


13 Replies to “Is Cassandra Prastine a cheater or a player?”

  1. Perhaps this guy was a complete freak and after speaking a few times she realized that he was a scary individual???

  2. If those really are her measurements i sounds like she was the freak. I think the 36 is a measurement for her pants but women don't measure like that so I am not sure.

  3. A player would be screwing around with a bunch of people and actually have sex not just talk about it.

    Talking about her big chest and having phone sex but then not doing anything else just makes her a whore that wants to mess with men.

  4. I met her and she is very proud of her chest. She is also a cheater.

    We had met and had sex. We hooked up a few more times but nothing more than a booty call. She said she was to busy with work to plan anything.

    In August We were supposed to get together after she got back business trip. I found out she and I had a mutual friend. That woman told me Cassandra was dating a man and was really in Chicago with him. Someone should warn him about her.

  5. I am the man dating Cassandra The most recent comment (Sept. 2015) is obviously concerning and I would like to find a way to connect electronically (phone,email). I'd like to understand dates, times, locations, Texts, emails, verify the claims being made!

    As you said, I should be warned and now that I have been warned I need to corroborate the truth so I can deal with it before we continue to move our relationship to the next levels.

    Let me know how we can connect electronically so that I can gather further intel. Because anyone can post anything they want (anonymously = cowardly) on this and other sites, I will take a non-response as proof that you don't have any evidence that the claims you have made are true.

    If you are willing to stand behind your claims and bring evidence you should also be prepared to provide certain details about Cassandra. She has several distinctive marks that if you were with her you would NOT be able to have missed. They are unique both in appearance and location and you should easily be able to provide their location and description.

    I am not inclined to believe what has been recently posted but remain open to receiving the facts/evidence so that I can deal with it and make a informed choice about how to proceed.

  6. These are not our claims. We only sharing what was reported to us. It is up to you to decide if you want to believe someone that has been reported twice or not. Good luck with you.

  7. This is just as I thought… Reported twice by anyone who wants to post anonymously, with no proof provided. If anyone takes this seriously, they already had a problem to begin with. And, as a man, I have to ask…who posts this crap? Seriously dudes…Seriously? Move on. Since meeting, she and I have laughed about this initial post. She told me about it right off. But this recent post was obviously BS that I had to call out. Anyone would have known that we were in Chicago because it was public info on Facebook – easy to see, not private.

    Sure, you are only reporting what is reported to you. But have you even asked the question, "what if these follow-up, anonymous posts are re-posts by the original person?" If so, that is enabling these guys to harass someone. Because, this last post definitely has the same "tone" as some of the emails from this man (I read a few). No one should talk to a woman like I saw this guy talk to her on those emails, and expect her to take him seriously. No wonder she thought it was just kidding around and just responded in kind, and eventually stopped responding at all. I thought the messages he wrote were a joke too when she showed them to me! I must admit, that guy had a wild imagination but I wouldn't have believed that he was really trying to get to know her by the stuff he wrote. That stuff was pretty hard core. No way a woman would take that seriously or, an even better point, would feel safe meeting him in person. She made the right choice.

  8. So, you verified that the post made on September 19th by 'anonymous' at 10:26 am (above) had proof? What proof?

  9. We verify information man send us. You believe or you not. You already say you not believe so we done answering you messages. Brain is yours.

  10. It is obvious that you did NOT verify the post made on September 19, 2015 @ 10:26 am. We have already established that the original poster sent you emails to initiate the first and original post in 2013. But you have not addressed my question regarding the post on September 19th, 2015. Did you verify that claim? Up until now, you have not addressed that question, but rather, tried not to answer it. Everyone who reads this message chain will see that you did not answer that question, which was plainly asked in my last post. If you did not verify the information sent on September 19th 2015, then you are allowing lies to be posted on your site. I thought you claimed that this site searches to expose THE TRUTH!!! Where is the truth in NOT verify posts?

  11. We answer your question. We say we did verify proof before adding update. We let him post just same as we let you post and be crazy. We sorry you girlfriend cheating on you.

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