Is Cassandra Mauermann a player?


Name: Cassandra J Mauermann
Other Names: Cassie Mauermann and Cassie Jo
Location: Houston Texas USA
Email: moc.l1686144756iamg@1686144756nnamr1686144756euame1686144756issac1686144756

The emails show Cassie sent nude pics with face hidden and stated she was looking for sex. Made plans to meet a couple for a 3some but then did not show up.

Update: Cassie thought she would be smart and try to cause trouble instead of saying she was sorry. That didn’t work. The people who reported her posted the nude photos she sent but we cannot share them her. The photos were taken June 22nd, 2012 with  Samsung Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S II which was Cassie’s phone at the time.

Review April 2016: Cassandra is cheating and me and she can’t stop herself. We started dating and then I found out she has been with another guy for 4 years and she is fucking with me. She is always asking for cash so don’t trust her near your money cuz she lies and steals.

Since Cassie tried shutting us down we have been contacted by other people who knew Cassie or had sex with her. Many said she was a player and submitted pics of her that we haven’t posted. We asked them to wait and see if Cassie caused more trouble before they posted the nudes showing her face.

18 Replies to “Is Cassandra Mauermann a player?”

  1. She is real. Her name is Cassie Jo Mauermann and she lives near Houston. I knew her and we dated some but I found out she was lying about a ton of stuff. I will send you some more pics of her

  2. Oh yeah, I know this player. Terrible in bed, and real dirty but not the good kind. Brothers/sisters beware..NOT a good time.

  3. How recent did you meet her? I just met her recently, flirts with every guy she meets too

  4. How recent do you all know her? I just met her, said she was single but heard she always has a bf at home, seems to lie about things but not sure

  5. I met her a few months ago. She seemed okay at first but then I found out she was a liar and a cheater like the first dude said. Don't waste your time man, she's a total player and from what I've heard, ain't even worth the hook up.

  6. Did you send more pics? Every guy should know what this cheater looks like so he can stay away

  7. To the last commenter. You have asked several times how people met her and they have not answered. Please do not ask it again or you will be blocked.

  8. I googled the name of this chick because I hooked up with her a while.

    The fact that I see this is disheartening…
    Mainly because I wish I could have got her to have a 3 way, and because her nudie pictures have been taken down.

    I have a strong suspicion that the last few comments were from her babies daddy, whom I can confirm she did dirty.

    If you see this, be warned, she is crazy. When things end she is not civil about it. If you hit it wrap it up, and make a clean break.

  9. This whole site is retarded. Of course it is a bunch of ex's slandering girls names because they got broken up with and hurt their pride. Anyone who believes what is on here needs to grow a brain. And I'm pretty sure there are laws protecting people's personal emails from being posted on sites. Might want to look into that.

  10. Hello Cassie! We have emails you sent to people on Craigslist. These not ex boyfriends these strangers you say you want to have sex with. We don't know what laws in America are but here we can post email addresses.

  11. And not one of these people says they met me via craigslist, they are obviously ex bfs who were vaginas about being broken up with. There are like two of them who say they never even slept with me lol woooow I must be a huge slut..people posting about things they HEARD about me and they never even got in my pants. Pretty pathetic.

  12. It is 100% legal in America to post emails and photos sent via email, just so long as the person in the photo is aware the photo was being taken (which on this site is obviously the case since they took the photo and sent it themselves).

    If you don't want naked pictures of you posted on the Internet, don't send them to strangers on Craigslist (which the owners of this site have the proof that you did). It's common sense.

  13. I’m so glad this post hasn’t been removed. It’s going to save some people a lot of trouble. She is a liar and just a really nasty person. Thank you guys for keeping this site up!

  14. So it’s 2020 and she’s still the same old person as she was all those years ago. Watch out guys.

  15. It’s 2020 and like our current pandemic this mauermann girl just won’t stop. She’s still a cheater boys. Stay away.

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