Is Brittany Lewis Reed a player?

Name: Brittany Reed
Other Names: Brittany Lewis Reed
Email: moc.l1695435540iamg@1695435540606de1695435540eryna1695435540ttirb1695435540 and moc.o1695435540ohay@1695435540606de1695435540eryna1695435540ttirb1695435540
Phone: 937-694-3468

From what we saw Brittany is another woman that made plans with a guy and then didn’t show, didn’t respond to his messages.Update: October 2017: I met Britanny and she didn’t really look like her pics. I realized that the pics on her Tinder are colored. They are old and she gained weight so she don’t post anything of her whole body. Even though she is trying to fool guys I thought I would give her a chance but I could tell just by the way she talks she is playing. I didn’t call her again.
Brittany Lewis Reed
Brittany Lewis Reed

2 Replies to “Is Brittany Lewis Reed a player?”

  1. I met her online a long time ago. We texted and it would take days to respond, never answered her phone or called back. It was obvious she was playing games or cheating or something. I never went out with her but we met on again POF under the name Brittany937. She denied we had talked before and that the stuff the other guy said was made up. Then when she realized we had talked before and I caught her playing games again she blocked me.

  2. One other thing. All her pics are edited and heavily filtered and of just the side of her face or top of her head. She doesn’t post any full length pics or pics of more than the top of her head so I don’t think she really looks like that.

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