Is Brett Martin a scammer?

Name: Brett Martin
Other Names:
Physical Description:
Location: Livermore California USA
Phone: 209- 613-1753
Dating Profiles:
Other Links:

The messages show that Brett was trying to scam people out of money using bitcoin. We won’t share details here because we don’t want to encourage scammers or explain how he was caught.

Do you think Brett Martin is a scammer?

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  1. applied for sales position. he called a meeting at a certain time, didnt show, then yelled at me for questioning. his linkedin profile, until recently, had him taking the worst selfie in history, with the flash whiting out his face.

    He claims he charges 38% interest (actually calls it a “factor rate”) when its really 138%, says client won’t check. Really?

    This guy makes a loanshark look like your local credit union!

    Other MCA companies like him because he charges so much

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