Is Brandi Swain a player?

Name: Brandi Swain
Physical Description: 5’4 brunette
Location: Chicago Illinois USA
Phone: 513-614-4300 and 872-302-3161

Review: Brandi is nothing but a drunk and a player and you can’t trust anything she says she steals from people that try to help her and gets evicted I thought we had a thing but she was getting drunk and going home with other guys we never really talked about our relationship but I did catch her lying to me about what she was doing and who she was with then one day she just stops calling me back/

Update August 2019:
Another man sent screenshots proving he talked to Brandi online and they made plans a few times but she would always cancel or ghost. Then one night she invited him over at midnight for a hookup. When he got to her apartment she wouldn’t answer the door or her phone. They are supposed to have a date the next day and she doesn’t respond to his messages until a few days later. Then she blames him for all the problems. He thinks she is mentally ill because of the way she acted.

Do you think Brandi Swain is a player or a cheater or a crazy? Leave a comment below.


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  1. She is still playing games with people and lives in Cincinnati now her phone number is 5136144300

  2. She moved back here to Chicago we just got drunk and hooked up but her dude don’t even know

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