Is Brandi Swain a player?

Name: Brandi Swain
Physical Description: 5’4 brunette
Location: Chicago Illinois USA
Phone: 513-614-4300 and 872-302-3161

Review: Brandi is nothing but a drunk and a player and you can’t trust anything she says she steals from people that try to help her and gets evicted I thought we had a thing but she was getting drunk and going home with other guys we never really talked about our relationship but I did catch her lying to me about what she was doing and who she was with then one day she just stops calling me back/

Update August 2019:
Another man sent screenshots proving he talked to Brandi online and they made plans a few times but she would always cancel or ghost. Then one night she invited him over at midnight for a hookup. When he got to her apartment she wouldn’t answer the door or her phone. They are supposed to have a date the next day and she doesn’t respond to his messages until a few days later. Then she blames him for all the problems. He thinks she is mentally ill because of the way she acted.

Do you think Brandi Swain is a player or a cheater or a crazy? Leave a comment below.


6 Replies to “Is Brandi Swain a player?”

  1. She is still playing games with people and lives in Cincinnati now her phone number is 5136144300

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