Is Bradley Stahl a scammer?

Name: Bradley Stahl
Other Names:  Bstahl and Stahl Consulting
Physical Description:
Location: Columbus Nebraska USA 68601
Dallas Texas USA
Email: moc.l1686144675iamg@1686144675lhats1686144675.yeld1686144675arb1686144675
Phone: 308-249-0666
Dating Profiles:

Other Links:

From the reports we were given Bradley has bought bitcoin using Paypal and then reverses the charges claiming his account was hacked and he never authorized them.

Update July 2018: Since this original report we have received several messages saying that he has scammed people. We verified the photos match the information of the person doing the scamming. Someone pointed out that he scammed them on a bitcoin borrowing website

If you are scammed please send any contact information you have.

5 Replies to “Is Bradley Stahl a scammer?”

  1. Yes he is…he looted me of 300$ gift card….he was adamant on sharing the access code to see the value though I sent him screenshot…he then never turned up to make the payment.

  2. Brad is 100% a scammer. He claims to be a developer, but he is not. He jumps from venmo to paypal and more. He needs to be jailed.

  3. Yes – he also scammed me out of $100 for gift cards. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM!

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