Is Beth Tarnowski a player? Second Review

Name: Beth Tarnowski
Other Names: Elizabeth Tarnowski
Physical Description: white woman, 5’10, fit, brown hair, blue eyes, bird tattoo on chest
Location: Kent Ohio USA
Phone Number: 330-402-6269
Other Links: June 2022 review of Beth Tarnowski

Another man contacted us and said that Beth Tarnowski did the same thing to him. He said he met Beth on Bumble and screenshots of their messages show Beth told him the same things about trust and honesty. She even told him that she never canceled dates or ghosted on people.  They made dates but Beth canceled every date with little notice. Beth apologized to the man and promised to make it up to him and not cancel again. Then when the man was on his way to their date, Beth sent a text message canceling again. The messages show that the man was worried that something had happened to Beth and asked if she was OK. Beth never responded to the man again. When he later saw the review here he realized Beth had never been honest with him and played games with many men,

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