Is Beth Cooper aka Amanda Holman a player?

Name: Amanda Holman, Beth Cooper

Location: Arizona and Kentucky
Email: moc.o1695433659ohay@1695433659relle1695433659sanod1695433659es1695433659
Phone: 859-443-6903
A man reported that he met Amanda and had planned to date but she kept putting him off. They made plans a few times but she kept breaking them and he thinks Amanda was just using him but didn’t say for what.
Update Sept 2015:
According to reports we saw this woman replied to a Craigslist ad in Kentucky. She was using the name “Beth Cooper” They talked and agreed to meet but Amanda/Beth never showed up for their date or responded to his messages.Is Amanda a player? Does anyone know what her real name is?
Amanda Holman aka Beth Cooper

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