Is Rebecca Wagers aka Becki Jemison a player?

Name: Becky Lee Wagers
Other Name: Becky Jemison, Becki Jameson, Rebecca Wagers
Email address: moc.l1685477641iamg@168547764181nos1685477641imej.1685477641b1685477641
Location: Cincinnati Ohio
Facebook: and

According to the emails we saw Becki responded to an ad on Craigslist and they talked some. The emails mentioned having sex and Becki even sent a pic of herself in bra and panties. Becki and the guy agreed to meet but Becki didn’t show up for the date though and never responded to the guy again.

So is Becki Jameson a player?

Update Sept 2013: Another guy wrote us and said they same thing happened to him. He and Becki met through Craigslist and talked for awhile. They even became friends on Facebook and had planned when they would have their date. Then one day she stopped responding to him and deleted him from her friends on Facebook.

Update January 2017: Someone contacted us and said that she is going by the name Rebecca Wagers now and he had known her well many years ago. He said at that she had spent a lot of time in hotel rooms but did not explain what that meant.

Rebecca Wagers becki jemison

Rebecca Wagers becki jemison

Rebecca Wagers becki jemison

Rebecca Wagers becki jemison

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  1. Hi I would like to talk to someone about having this post removed. This picture was taken as part of a party and for job reasons would really appreciate if the picture could be removed. Thank you so much.

  2. Can i please get this removed. I am unsure why someone would even so this. Thank you

  3. They did it because you wasted their time and played games with them. They were of the opinion that because you are attractive you use men and then throw them away when you are done.

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