Is Becca a scammer or a player?

Name: Becca
Other Names:
Physical Description:
Location: Chicago Illinois and Strongsville Ohio USA
Phone: 872-760-4680
Dating Profiles:
Other Links:
The messages show that Becca met a man on Tinder and gave him her number. They made plans to meet but Becca never showed up. When the man tried calling Becca she never replied and he never found out why she ghosted.
Update January 2019: Becca contacted us claiming that even though we have screenshots of messages where Becca stopped responding to the man after they had made plans, she had not actually ghosted on anyone. She also stated the number was her real phone number even though trusted sources like say it is one of those fake internet phone numbers (screenshot below).
Is Becca telling men stories? Lying about her real phone number? If Becca doesn’t play games with menwhy does she give out a fake phone number? Do you think Becca is a player or a scammer?

6 Replies to “Is Becca a scammer or a player?”

  1. She is on bumble now. She gave me the same phone number and when I Googled it I found this page. I didn’t tell her I found it just asked if that was her real number and she lied.

  2. This is Becca! And I never ghosted anyone! As for my number; its real as well. However, now thanks to this false accusation both my photos and number are on this site for display.

    So to whomever reported me, and made a false report. You should be ashamed.

  3. Doesn’t seem like a false accusation. After I found your number on here I looked up your number myself and you did lie about it being your cellphone. I asked again to give you a second chance and you still lied to me. If you want to lie to people that’s your choice but don’t get mad when you are caught

  4. Yea… you caught me giving my google voice number. Which is my personal number on my cell phone. Why I’m earth would I give someone I met online my work number? So yea, you’re right. You caught me giving you the same number twice. Wonder if that’s bc it is my number? Thanks for texting or calling; either to actual confirm.

  5. Dont waste your time she always has an excuse and goes crazy if you dont believe them

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