Be Nice – Don’t Make Threats.

We have people writing us fairly often that are on the list because they lied, cheated or played games. They threaten to sue us.

First read American Lawyers Make Us Laugh

Then you should consider this. We want people to be better so we are hoping that seeing their name here is a warning and they change how they act. People who are sincere and want to get removed can be after following the instructions on our removal page

Here are the reasons why being nasty and making threats don’t work

  1. Be patient. We have many emails to get through and have to pay to use computer so it may take awhile to respond. We respond to nice people first.
  2. The people who reported you just want to be treated honestly and with respect. Lying, playing games or causing trouble is how you ended up here, not how to fix it.
  3. We have been here for almost 5 years and many have tried to get us in trouble. We are still here.
  4. We are not in the United States so you cannot sue us
  5. Even when famous people with millions of dollars got busted and had their dirty pics posted online, they couldn’t get them taken down from websites in the USA or here in Asia.
  6. We do not post nude photos so it is better to have people report you here than go somewhere else and other websites post all photos of you
  7. Cassie Mauermann tried causing trouble with lawyers and lost. People posted her nudes online because she attacked us and now those pics will never go away
  8. If you do cause trouble then we get free publicity and more people find out about you
  9. We are not saying anything as fact, just relaying the information shown to us
  10. We do not make any money on this. We pay more to use internet shop here than we receive in donations.
  11. You cannot claim defamation if it is true. Do you want people to see what you are really doing? The dirty photos and messages you send?
If you would like a post removed we offer many options on our Removals page.

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