Author: KarmaSiren

Is Brandy Jackson a crazy or a cheater?

Name: Brandy Jackson Birthday:04/27/85 Physical Description:5’5 small body, nice smile,  med length dark hair Location: Lexington Tennessee Email: moc.l1664898802iamg@16648988025258l1664898802ydnar1664898802b1664898802 Phone: 731-293-4147 Instagram: brandyl85259 A man wrote explaining that he had been in a relationship with Brandy Jackson for many years. In that time she cheated on him and stole from

Is Tari Lauer a cheater?

Name: Tari Lauer Other Names: blonde, red Birthday: 8-22-1967 Physical Description: 5’10 red head, speak, large bust Location: Duluth Minnesota USA Email: moc.l1664898802iamg@1664898802reual1664898802at1664898802, moc.l1664898802iamg@1664898802nuamy1664898802m1664898802 Phone: 218-410-4727 Facebook:. Tari Lauer Instagram:  talauer Mygirl friend is a covert narcissist who is very hard to catch in the act of cheating. She is