Author: KarmaSiren

Name: Shannon Ariane Meyn Other Names: Shan Birthday: March 19 1975* Physical Description:5’1″ 120lb brown /graying hair deep lines under eyed* Location: Edmonton Alberta Canada Email: and Phone: 587-920-6938   587-926-6342 Facebook: Instagram: reported but account could not be found Review: She is a covert narcissist  she has

Is Veronica Marie a scammer?

Name: Veronica Marie Physical Description: 5’6 Location: Indianapolis Indiana USA Email: Phone Number: 463-239-3254 Instagram: A man met Veronica Marie on a dating website. The messages show she spoke very bad English. She was in Indiana USA but the mileage on the app shows she was very far

Is Kwesi Serraneau a player?

Name: Kwesi Serraneau Other Names: K, Kay, Quincy, K.Sav Birthday: 9/15/1997 Physical Description: 5’7″-5’9″ Location: Hackensack/North Jersey Phone: 201-695-4114 Instagram: Review: Psychopath who only gaslights in order to cheat, and cheats sloppily. He lovebombs anybody he can specifically using the word “love”. It’s Lovebombing is mostly verbal combined with