Is Antonia Lui a fake or a player?

Name: Antonia Lui
Location: Ontario Canada
Phone: 647-687-2186
Other Links:

The reviewer wrote that he met Antonia on Tinder and she liked to text dirty and send him dirty pics. He says that when he called she never answered the phone and would never meet in person. In one text he showed she admits to enjoying teasing men but never doing anything with them.

The reviewer thinks Antonia is playing games with men. We looked up Antonia and could find not trace of her being a real person.

Is Antonia a fake or a player?





3 Replies to “Is Antonia Lui a fake or a player?”

  1. She is a real person, I met her briefly from Tinder. Borderline socialpath with psychological issues. She is very lazy and entitled which is ironic as she is very poor and lives in Toronto housing community. Some of her neighbours call her the crazy cat lady. She is also a sex addict among other things and loves to play mind games as well. Her new phone number is 647-807-9833 on WhatsApp
    Avoid at all costs.

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