Is Angel Ree a player or a cheater?

Name: Angel Ree
Other Names: Possibly Angel Obrien
Birthday: 15 November
Physical Description: 5’2 redhead large fake breasts
Location: Owenton Kentucky USA
Phone: 502-794-5622

Review: Met her online and we chatted it up. She was cheating or her pics are really old cuz she is wearing a wedding ring in them. I don’t care because she said she didn’t want anything serious just to have fun. We made plans to hook up but she never came and never heard from her again. Saw she was still online so she gotta be playin or cheating

Do you think Angel is a cheater or a player?

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One Reply to “Is Angel Ree a player or a cheater?”

  1. Seems like a player to me. She also sent me x-rated pics and told me about all the x-rated stuff she was into. We had talked a lot and she told me about how she wanted a relationship. We planned a date and she told me if I got a hotel she would stay the night with me. Then no showed. Lost my money on the hotel. I will send you everything I have on her

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