Andrea Wetherholt a player?

Name: Andrea Wetherholt aka Krista Leigh
Email: moc.l1686137496iamg@16861374963tloh1686137496rehte1686137496wa1686137496, moc.o1686137496ohay@1686137496xxxhg1686137496ielat1686137496sirk1686137496

According to reports and emails we saw Andrea had an ad posted online looking for sex. When a guy contacted her she said she was looking for someone to let her live with them and give her money to support herself. He wanted to meet her to have sex with her so they made plans but she never showed.

While the guy is obviously a loser for not running the other direction, she may still be a game player or user. Does anyone else know anything about her?

Update: Within a few days of posting this we heard from another guy who had the same issues. In the emails she said she was scared and thats why she didn’t show up. She also sent him some photos one of which we linked to a porn site. Andrea was once known in the porn industry as Krista Leigh. According to the IMDB they are one and the same. The last movie we could find of her made was in 2002. It looks like she also had her own porn website but it is no longer working

Update 2: Looks like Andrea was arrested for a felony in Fayette County West Virginia but we cannot confirm what for or if she was convicted.

Andrea Wetherholt moc.l1686137496iamg@16861374963tloh1686137496rehte1686137496wa1686137496


8 Replies to “Andrea Wetherholt a player?”

  1. I am not sure how I got this email but she is on Google talk right now. Possibly from a cl ad. Idk it had to of came from Ohio cl site.

  2. We are not here to judge anyone. We are just here to give people a place to warn others about the fakes, liars and players they meet. It is up to you to decide if you want to heed those warnings or not.

  3. To the person that left the comment about her stealing money. Your comment was deleted because of the foul and threatening language. You are welcome to repost it if you keep it clean.

  4. She is a sweet beautiful women. If you have not met her then how can you say anything about her

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