Is Andrea Furlonge a scammer?


Name: Andrea Furlonge
Other Names: Starjuiccy and Sarah Stone
Location: Canada

According to the messages we saw Andrea or whatever her name really is, shared nude pics and tried to scam a man out of money online

11 Replies to “Is Andrea Furlonge a scammer?”

  1. I know this girl she is far from a gold digger she has a full time job and goes to university and I know she doesn’t share nude photos

  2. Lmao that has GOT to be her comment above.. Because I know her personally and can tell you for a fact that she’s a low life gold digger. I wouldn’t consider prostitution a full time job, but I won’t ruin it for you if your proud of her for it. I also wouldn’t consider posting naked ass shots all over the internet “sharing” nude pics so I’ll agree with you there. Try googling her before you speak so highly of her.

  3. It’s so funny how lil hoes can talk my name but never show their face at the end of the day talk all the ish you want because I am not ashamed of who I was who I am and who I will become I am good regardless and I will just laugh at all the petty things people will do through hatred

  4. Just think this slut is a mother no women as low life piece of shit should be a mo

  5. No mother should be up at this time but sleeping to look after her child probably but mom that are prostitutes are up doing there thing

  6. Yet your still hiding your face humm… You must have ALOT of free time on your hands it’s kind of sad and you question my ability to be a good mother because you assume I am a slut but I bet my child is better off in life than you it’s ok this is the last time I respond un like you I have better things to do with my life than hide behind a computer and make false accusations towards people and one last thing just cause somebody strips, does porn, escorts, web cam or just likes dick in general society labels them as some monster who’s dirty and doesn’t deserve to have kids but who is to judge what is right and what is wrong just food for thought don’t insult my intelligence or down play me

  7. The ture meaning of a gold digger is this girl anyone that choose thing and money over her family that’s a gold digger

  8. most people do put money before most things money equals a house, a car, college funds for your children, vacations as the saying goes work hard play later but only intelligent people would understand that you have to strive to succeed in life what’s funny is you say you know me personally but I beg to differ because one thing I don’t do is use mans for money and think your a little confused with your accusations first I am a gold digger which is a person who uses a man for money then next you call me a prostitute which is someone who exchanged their company for money unless your unaware which you are because your intelligence level seems to be lacking they are two different things and as far as me being up at this time a lot of people are up this time does not define their ability to take care of a child or what work they do anyways when you decide to show your face instead of hiding your face then we will be on the same playing field because I can only guess who you are and trust I have enough FACTS about people I know personally

  9. Anybody that gets with this girl should have themselves checked very good by a doctor

  10. I swear you just say anything don’t you all up in my pussy aren’t you

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