Is Amber Davis a player?

Name: Amber Davis
Nickname: Amber Jenee, amberjenee33, daddysbabygirl2015, you_wish_forever and the roller derby name “Sweet Torture”
Description: 5’6
Location: Anderson, Indian
Email: moc.l1679665527iamg@167966552733een1679665527ejreb1679665527ma1679665527
Phone: 850-326-9781
Dating Profiles:
Other links:

Amber met a man on Tinder and they seemed to get along really well because she stated she wanted to spend the night with him. According to the messages we saw Amber suggested she spend the night with him. He agreed and invited her to an event the next day, which she accepted so he bought tickets for them. She agreed to call and never did so the money he spent on tickets was wasted.
Do you know Amber’s real name? Do you think she is a player?

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