Is Amanda Wester a player?

Name: Amanda Wester
Physical Description: 5’5 150 36dd implant
Location: Tampa Florida USA
Phone: 859-553-8000
Email: moc.l1685828092iamg@168582809299ret1685828092sewa1685828092
Amanda met a man on Tinder and she sent him nude pics that we cannot post on our website. Screenshots of their text messages show they met and had sex. The next day they texted and made plans to meet again. The man showed up to have sex with her the second time but Amanda did not and ghosted.
Update June 2022:
Another man contacted us and sent us emails that show Amanda told him she liked to have rough sex with men and women. Screenshots of their text messages show that Amanda had sex with him and then ghosted.
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3 Replies to “Is Amanda Wester a player?”

  1. Amanda contacted us and stated that this never happened and an ex boyfriend was making up stories. Before posting any review we require proof. The man sent us screenshots of the messages from her phone number. The messages included nude photos and Amanda saying she was excited to see him and have sex with him again.

  2. She is a slut and I had sex with her house when she lived in Lexington Kentucky. She likes to be spanked and after she kept sending me dirty pics. Were supposed to meet again and I drove all the way to Lexington but she ghosted. Her email address is moc.l1685828092iamg@168582809299ret1685828092sewa1685828092 and 2370 [rest of address removed] was her address

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