Is Amanda Kilgore a player?

Name: Amanda Kilgore
Other Names: Mandy Kilgore
Physical Description: Blonde, 5’8
Location: Jeffersonville, Indiana USA
Phone: 812-946-5108

Amanda Kilgore from Jeffersonville Indiana met a guy on Tinder. They talked about dating and Amanda mentioned how she was tired of liars and guys who played games. They made plans to meet. The reviewer says that Amanda never showed up. He tried calling but she didn’t respond. He didn’t realize she had lied to him until he looked on Tinder and she had unmatched him.

Is Amanda Kilgore a player?



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  1. She isn’t just a player but a homewrecking idiot who sends money to a guy in prison who is just playing her for money and she is aware of this and continues to make a fool of herself.

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