moc.l1679852930iamte1679852930kcor@1679852930gnima1679852930erd.s1679852930yawlA1679852930 a fake or a player?

Name: Unknown

She doesn’t give out her name or share any information about herself. To be honest we don’t much about her other than she responds to ads and then disappears. We aren’t sure if she is a fake or a player. We have had 2 separate reports about her so if anyone knows her please, fill us in.

2 Replies to “moc.l1679852930iamte1679852930kcor@1679852930gnima1679852930erd.s1679852930yawlA1679852930 a fake or a player?”

  1. I'm actually currently exchanging emails with this person right now. Same picture and won't give me her name. Though I didn't really pry. Just asked once.
    I think this girl seems to put A LOT of detail into chatting. Realistic stuff that I'm not sure why she would take the time to try and explain. However lets see how this plays out. I will keep you updated.

    What area was she last replying in

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