5 ways not to be a fake or player

Last night we got an email from a woman wanting to know what women could do to keep from ending up on our list. So here are our top 10 ways not to be called a fake or player.

  1. Don’t lie to people, mislead them or “leave things out”. – Even if someone doesn’t like the truth, you can’t be called a fake or player for telling the truth.
  2. Always send a normal picture of yourself. – Spammers send pics of nude women or women in their underwear. Fat women send pics that are taken from strange angles or hiding behind their friends. Most guys know this. Confident women that are happy with themselves are happy to share their normal everyday photos.
  3. If you aren’t interested in someone, nicely tell them so. – No one likes to be ignored. Especially if they spent an hour typing on a tiny phone screen to respond to your email. And by not responding they may continue to waste their time because you are to weak to be honest with them. Ignoring them is rude and inconsiderate. Its also what the fakes and players often do. A better option is to respond “Thank you for your email but I have decided I am not interested. Good luck to you and again thanks for your time.
  4. Go the extra mile to prove you are real – Send a picture of you holding up a sign with your email address on it.
  5. Show up for dates. – If you make a date keep it. If you can’t call the guy and explain. We didn’t say text or email. Have some manners and make a phone call so you are sure he actually got the message. You cannot imagine how many guys write us telling about how they made a date but then the guy sat alone at a restaurant for an hour because she never showed or answered her phone.

Those are the 5 easiest ways we could think of. Do you have any suggestions? Leave us a comment.

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