Day: January 9, 2023

Is Jennifer Woodward a player? 2nd Review

Name: Jennifer Woodward Other Names: Jennifer Hart Birthday: February 7th 1980 Physical Description: 5’10, 148 34C Location: Cincinnati Ohio USA Phone Number: 863-991-1270 Facebook: Other Links: Previous Review of Jennifer Woodward Review: I met Jennifer on Eharmony and we talked for months. She told me about being an addict

Is Leanna Marie Valdez a crazy?

Name: Leanna Marie Valdez Other Names: leeleevaldez711, leanna val, Leanna Eldridge, Leanna Chavez, Alex Valdez, Joseph valdez Birthday:01/09/1984 Physical Description:5’2 about 275 lbs.long black hair past her butt. native American, Mexican, and Irish Location: Fresno California USA Email: moc.l1685482600iamg@1685482600fspeo1685482600jlil1685482600 moc.l1685482600iamG@1685482600117ze1685482600dlave1685482600eleel1685482600 moc.l1685482600iamg@168548260049ann1685482600aeleg1685482600dirdl1685482600e1685482600 moc.l1685482600iamg@168548260049lav1685482600annae1685482600L1685482600 Phone: 559-724-2615 559-421-0032 559-484-8512 Instagram: Review: A