Day: August 28, 2012

Hazel Brenee Schuler

Name: Hazel Brenee Schuler Facebook: Email: moc.l1664724599oa@lr1664724599ugtnM1664724599 According to the emails forwarded to us Hazel likes to go through the personal ads and respond to guys calling them names and being what some have called “a bitchy old woman”. Normally we don’t list people like this but she must do

Is Deborah Kotfinn a potential crazy?

Name: Deborah Kotfinn Other names: Deborah Finnerty Phone Number: 859-415-8069  Facebook: Email: moc.o1664724599ohay@1664724599iksto1664724599kd1664724599 and moc.l1664724599iamg@1664724599abbed1664724599zzim1664724599 According to emails reported Deborah responded to a guys ad and sent him a bunch of pictures, along with some very dirty ones. He was very interested until she got drunk one night and called

Is Christina Dugan moc.l1664724599iamg@16647245995119n1664724599agudc1664724599 a player or cheater?

Name: Christina Dugan Email: moc.l1664724599iamg@16647245995119n1664724599agudc1664724599 Phone:  859-802-6686 8598026686 Christina sent x-rated photos of herself doing various sex acts. They are extremely graphic so we couldn’t share them. In the emails she says she wants to meet the guy and all the normal things about sex and money. But she never meets