KarmaSiren – Review People You Know!

KarmaSiren makes it easy to review and expose the people you meet that are fakes, cheaters, players or crazy.

Karmasiren is a website that believes people who act badly will continue to do so. Victims come here to review these people so others who may meet them can be informed.
We at Karmasiren realize the internet has become a place where both women and men may easily cheat on their spouses. People lie, don’t show up for dates and play games with others. Crazy people are everywhere and there is no way to know who they are. These  people hide behind dating website like POF and apps like Tinder to lie, manipulate and cheat.

Our goal is to let you review people you have dated, worked with or known. To give good people a place to read reviews of other men and women. KarmaSiren allows people who have been lied to, cheated on and played games with a place to tell others about their experience.

To do that we have made it easy to review those people. We also expose scams like Ashley Madison years before the traditional news did.

Over 100,000 visitors have read the reviews on KarmaSiren! Review the liar, cheater, fake, player or crazy you know.



We also offer rewards for sharing information about some of the people reviewed here.



Testimonials about KarmaSiren
I cannot deny that your site has saved me from Crystal Welsh. She was doing to me exactly what she was doing to her other victims, and thanks to y’all, I was able to catch it early on.

I am very glad I googled Ms Cook before hiring her. From the information on your website I feel like you saved me from a lot of trouble with my boss.

Sara Majewski answered our ad on Craigslist. We were going to get a hotel room to meet her but my wife said we should look her up online first. I am glad we found your website before we wasted our money.