Is Virginia Page Douglas a player or scammer?

Name: Virginia Page Douglas
Other Names: mrsgoldielocksPhysical Description: blonde, 5’5″, 175lbs
Phone: 614-746-1661
Facebook: real facebook
Fake account

Review: I met her on tinder and we were supposed to go out. She is really into rough sex and talking dirty said she didn’t want a relationship, just to have fun. We texted a bunch and made plans to go out this past weekend. A couple days before she just stops responding. Totally ghosts. She brought up money and being taken care of a lot so I think she may have been a golddigger. All her face pics are filtered and edited or old so they don’t really look like her. She wouldn’t share a recent full body pic.

Do you think Virginia Douglas is a player or scammer?

Admin note: We saw the messages Virginia sent the man and found fake accounts for her. We also found accounts that may be her on adult escort websites. She also lied and said her pics are all recent but according to her facebook profile the pics she posted some of the pics are 3-4 years old.

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