Is Veronika Smith a player?

Name: Veronika Smith
Location: Chicago, IL
Phone Number: 5133496125
Email: moc.l1685481423iamto1685481423h@eul1685481423b_aki1685481423n1685481423 and moc.l1685481423iamg@168548142328hti1685481423msaki1685481423norev1685481423
Dating Profiles:

Veronika is a russian woman that meets men on BDSM websites. Story is she likes to tease men and won’t meet them unless they agree to take her to an expensive restaurant. In her emails she makes it clear she expects a man to have a lot of money and spend it on her. As long as they are spending their money on her she lets them take her out but never anything more. She pretends to be submissive but obviously she is calling the shots. Then when they push for a relationship or stop spending money on her she disappears.

Update May 2014: We have since heard from a man who showed us screenshots that he met Veronika on TInder and had a similar experience. We will be posting the additional information soon.

Update August 2015: We heard from another man in the Chicago area that says he had a similar experience with Veronika and that the photos she sends out are years old or highly edited. He said she is much older and larger now than in the pics.

5 Replies to “Is Veronika Smith a player?”

  1. I know her and that is exactly what she did to me. I will send you guys some pics she sent me. Don't know if they are really her because she never showed up when we were supposed to meet.

  2. Nika did the same thing to me so I certainly understand why someone would post her. Today she wrote me and blamed me for this. I dont think you should take it down but I do think you should make it clear who it was so she leaves me alone.

  3. I had a serious relationship with her for two years. I bought her more than I could afford, and she wanted to move in with me and kept pushing to get married. She told me she had been a mail order bride and had to pay off the guy in order to stay in the U.S. Once I decided to get my debt in order and stop paying her car payment and expensive shoes and purses, she left to go to Chicago.

  4. I guess I dodged a bullet with Nika. I met her on Craigslist; we mainly had an on-line relationship as she would not agree to meet in person. I guess I didn’t offer up the money so quickly. I got luck to didn’t waste a lot of time or money with her.

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