Is Vanessa Romera a player?

Name: Vanessa Romero
Other Names:
Location: Chicago Illinois USA
Email: moc.l1685477005iamto1685477005h@lrg1685477005yssen1685477005
Phone: 773-682-5226 7736825226
Dating Profiles:Vanessa met a guy on Tinder and they were both looking for a hook up. From the texts we saw Vanessa liked to text about sex but wouldn’t talk on the phone. She also liked to send the same pics over and over (4 times in 4 days), It was like she couldn’t remember who she had sent that pic to. They agreed to meet for sex but she didn’t show up. When the guy texted her she acted like she didn’t realize who he was at first. Then she said she had been really busy and forgot.All that made the guy think that she was having sex with a bunch of guys and couldn’t remember who he was. Do you think Vanessa is a player?

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