Is Tina Chumley aka Tina Hardman a player?

Name: Tina Lynn Chumley
Nickname or Other Names: Tina Hardman
Location: Ohio
Email: moc.l1685484249iamto1685484249h@rel1685484249muhc1685484249
Facebook: and
Dating Profiles:

According the messages shared with us Tina met a man on Tinder. They agreed to meet for sex but Tina never showed up.

Update December 2013: Another man wrote us and said that he met Tina on Eharmony. That they talked through email and made plans for a date in public but again Tina didn’t show up. He provided pictures of the emails to prove what he said is true.

Update: Tina wrote and said that she has a stalker and her stalker made this story up. Before posting a review we require proof. Both men who reported Tina Chumley showed us screenshots of their conversations and emails. For it to be her stalker that did this, the stalker would need to hack into Tina’s emails and Facebook account. It us up to the reader to decide if they believe that story.

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  1. Her new husband she met on tinder before she was even devoriced from less than a year marriage

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