Is Tina Bonner a liar or a crazy?

Name: Tina Bonner
Other Names: Tina Bonavita
Birthday: 1973
Physical Description: 5’11, 210lbs 38DDD
Location: Ohio
Phone: 614-980-1141

A man met Tina Bonner on Tinder and they talked for awhile. The messages show that Tina tell man she is not overweight but all pictures are of face only and she refuses to show man full length photo. Tina also say she not edit pictures. She says she not hiding anything and posts pics of her body on Facebook but not on Tinder. The man said he can tell she very large and can see she use filters so he knows Tina is lying. He tells he is not interested in her. Messages show Tina get very nasty and call him names after that. She also tell man that she not post many memes on Facebook. We find her facebook and a quarter of the photos are memes. Pics of her only show face with many filters but no pictures show all body.

Is Tina Bonner a liar or a crazy?

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