Is Tiffany Dement a player?

Name: Tiffany Dement
Other Names:
Description: 5’1 160, 36DD
Phone: 937-367-7625
Tiffany met a guy on Tinder. From the messages we saw she liked to text about sex but would never talk on the phone. Always told the guy to call later and then when he did, she wouldn’t answer. They made plans to meet for sex but at the last minute she canceled and stopped responding to his messages all together.

Is Tiffany a player?.

3 Replies to “Is Tiffany Dement a player?”

  1. Steer clear! 7 kids, 3 ex husbands, cheats, on pof, craigslist, tinder, match, etc.

    She tells one lie after another, run away!

  2. Strings guys along and lies about everything. Half her kids taken away. Stay clear of this one!!!!

  3. the 7 kids doesn’t include the abortions or the one she gave up for adoption which was fathered by her brother when she was 14.

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