Is Teresa Martell a player?

Name: Teresa Martell
Other Names:
Physical Description: 5’4″ 150 34D
Location: Chicago Illinois USA
Email: 773-550-2891

Teresa Martell met a man on Tinder and the messages show that Teresa told the man oabout all the kinds of sex she was into. Teresa said she liked to give oral sex and have men orgasm on her face. They agreed to meet and have sex. Then Teresa didn’t show up.

Is Teresa Martell a player?

6 Replies to “Is Teresa Martell a player?”

  1. The rumors are true about this lol
    And she does get around by a lot. Filthy slut.

  2. My man tagged her in a garage last fall, she then took on 3 more of us! Total jizz bucket

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