Is Tari Lauer a cheater?

Name: Tari Lauer
Other Names: blonde, red
Birthday: 8-22-1967
Physical Description: 5’10 red head, speak, large bust
Location: Duluth Minnesota USA
Email: moc.l1685483135iamg@1685483135reual1685483135at1685483135, moc.l1685483135iamg@1685483135nuamy1685483135m1685483135
Phone: 218-410-4727
Facebook:. Tari Lauer
Instagram:  talauer

Mygirl friend is a covert narcissist who is very hard to catch in the act
of cheating. She is constantly on her phone texting always in the bathroom
for hours, lies about being at work. Treats me like anasshole and blames me
for everything wrong. Then when I point out the issues I see I’m putting
her down and harrsssing her. It’s been going on for some time and I just
want some solid truth. Hopefully you can help!

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