Is Tara Lidell a fake?

Name: Tara Lidell aka Lisa Miller
Email: moc.o1679852353ohay@167985235301pts1679852353_arat1679852353 and moc.o1679852353ohay@16798523538888_1679852353nfmL1679852353

Tara (probably a guy) wrote a couple wanting to have sex with them.  They asked Tara for her phone number or a verification picture and specified that it be of her holding up a sign with her email address on it. Instead Tara sent more pictures claiming they were just taken but avoided mentioning that she didn’t hold up the sign. Tara also claimed she wasn’t comfortable talking on the phone.

This made them suspicious so they reported her to us. Using our super internet elf sleuthing software we scanned the pictures and found there were stolen from some poor girl named “Dawn”. They are obviously stolen by someone that knows her.

The pics supposedly just taken had were older and had just had the dates added to make them look new. Does anyone know how to reach Dawn? Anyone know who Tara really is?

Update: This guy is at it again. Now he has a photo editing program to fake a day and time on the pics.  Remember not to send any pics you wouldn’t want your Mom seeing until you have verified the person is real by a phone conversation.

Tara Lidell moc.o1679852353ohay@167985235301pts1679852353_arat1679852353


3 Replies to “Is Tara Lidell a fake?”

  1. I used to work with Tara at Olive Garden. She's real. This sounds like a bitter ex-boyfriend or ex-husband posting all of this stuff about her. Shame!

  2. We tracked the photos to someone named Dawn. Either the photos for Tara are fake and stolen from Dawn or the photos for Dawn is fake and stolen from Tara. Would you please have Tara contact us so we can get this straightened out.

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