Is Tara a fake or a player?

Tara 6025296624
Name: Tara
Phone Number: 602-529-6624
Location: Phoenix Arizona USA
A man met Tara online. They talked for a bit and made plans for a date. A few days before there date Tara stopped responding to the man’s messages so he looked her up online and found our list of ways to catch a fake. He realized the phone number Tara gave him was not a real cell phone so he reported her to us.
Do you think Tara is a fake or a player? Leave a comment below.

4 Replies to “Is Tara a fake or a player?”

  1. That’s a real phone number and she’s a real person…I had no problems meeting her…She just must not have liked that man

  2. It is not a real cell phone number and she lied about that when she told me it was. It is an online phone number like the scammers use. This website even confirmed that so you obviously don’t know what you are talking about

  3. Tara is DEFINITELY a real person. True to her profile, she hits the bike trails early in the morning. I’ve even ridden with her a couple times. [review edited to remove comments not about Tara]

  4. So she is real and just lied when she told me that was her cellphone number. She also lied when she made a date with me and then ghosted. Don’t know if she is real because I obviously never met her but she is out there playing games.

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