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Is Amber Minniefield a player or a scammer?

Name: Amber Minniefield Other Names: Sophia Nikki, sophianikki87 Birthday: Description: Location: Los Angeles, California Email: moc.l1669753198iamg@166975319878ikk1669753198inaih1669753198pos1669753198 and moc.l1669753198iamg@1669753198dleif1669753198einni1669753198mrebm1669753198a1669753198 Phone: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aminniefield According to the messages we saw Amber was trying to scam a guy by using fake names and asking him for money.

December 2015 scammer list

Anup moc.c1669753198nisno1669753198itcud1669753198ortni1669753198@draw1669753198rof1669753198 Julia aka Izwan Mohammad moc.l1669753198iamg@16697531989780216697531982dhma1669753198iluJ1669753198 Gary Briden moc.o1669753198ohay@1669753198sredr1669753198olabo1669753198lgnoi1669753198gel1669753198 No name moc.l1669753198iamg@16697531982251r1669753198emlap1669753198

Bitcoin Scammer List

We have been asked to post a list of people that are trying to scam bitcoins online so here it is. This people have all attempted to steal bitcoins or scam people in bitcoin transactions. Greg Takahashi moc.o1669753198ohay@1669753198ihsah1669753198akat.1669753198gerG1669753198 Natalia Vladimirovna Olson Hollywood, Florida ur.li1669753198am@01166975319802lev1669753198art1669753198

October 2015 list of possible cheaters, scammers, fakes and players

If you have any information about these people, please contact us through our reports page Kimella moc.l1669753198iamg@1669753198oxoxa1669753198llebm1669753198iksse1669753198ddog1669753198 Trying to scam a man online Stef Other Names: 1933stef and barnyfife268 Email: moc.l1669753198iamg@1669753198862ef1669753198ifynr1669753198ab1669753198 From the reports we saw Steff tried scamming a guy out of bitcoins online using fake information. Name: unknown