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Is Veronica Marie a scammer?

Name: Veronica Marie Physical Description: 5’6 Location: Indianapolis Indiana USA Email: moc.l1675257300iamg@16752573001545e1675257300iram.1675257300acino1675257300rev1675257300 Phone Number: 463-239-3254 Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/veronica_marie6312545/ A man met Veronica Marie on a dating website. The messages show she spoke very bad English. She was in Indiana USA but the mileage on the app shows she was very far

Is Jamie “Bambam” Jeffries a scammer or a cheater?

Name:  JAMES CHRISTOPHER JEFFERIES Other Names: Jamie Bambam Birthday:July 16 1985 Physical Description: dark hair, man bun, tribal tattoo on shoulder Location: Kitchener – Waterloo Ontario and Churchill Ontario Canada Email: moc.l1675257300iamg@167525730058sei1675257300reffe1675257300jcj1675257300 , moc.l1675257300iamg@167525730096sei1675257300reffe1675257300jcj1675257300 Phone: (519) 503-6878 Facebook: JAMIE_BAMBAM_JEFFERIES Instagram: james_bambam_jefferies Twitter: JamesJe62618602 KIK: _bam_bam_69 LinkedIn:james-jefferies-a0408a148 Dating Profiles: @Badoo =Jamie Jefferies, @CheaterReport.com/jamie-bambam-jefferies-canada Other