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Someone who has been accused of playing games like not returning phone calls, not showing up for dates, having one night stands or other games and lies

Is Cori Fina moc.l1670098583iamg@1670098583anifi1670098583roc1670098583 a player?

Name: Cori Fina Nickname: Description: Cincinnati Ohio USA Location: Email: moc.l1670098583iamg@1670098583anifi1670098583roc1670098583 According to the report we received Cori met a guy on Tinder and they talked on the phone a lot. After a few weeks of talk they made a date but Cori never showed up. Afterwards Cori called and apologized

Is David Grant Hall a player?

Name: David Grant Hall Other Names: Hallzy on What’s App! Birthday: 1967-feb-28 Physical Description: Male Caucasian 6’1 Location: Edmonton Alberta Email: Phone: 780-984-0834 Facebook: David Hall Review: Dave found me on Match.com in December 2015. He showed a keen interest in my profession as A Massage Therapist as well as an interest in dating me.

Is Theresa Tresler aka Theresa Prewitt a player?

Name: Theresa Tresler and Theresa Prewitt Other Names: Description: Location: Email: moc.l1670098583iamg@1670098583temoc1670098583relse1670098583rT1670098583 Phone: 513-508-5887 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theresa.vankerckhoveprewitt Instagram: Twitter: KIK: LinkedIn: Dating Profiles: A guy met Theresa on a dating website. They talked on the phone for awhile and they made plans to meet. Theresa didn’t show up for their date. Update