Is Suzy Suggs a player?

Name: Suzy Suggs
Other Names: “Suz E”
Birthday: California, Ohio
Description: 6’1, black hair, blue eyes
Phone: 513-652-3834
Dating Profiles:

A man met Suzy on the sex website AdultFriendFrinder. The messages show they went to dinner and then a movie. The messages also talked about how at some point they did have sex. They continued talking and made plans for a second date. Suzy didn’t show up and stopped responding to the man’s messages

Is Suzy a player?

Update August 2015: Another man says he met Suzy on Tinder. That she was now living in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. They talked on Tinder and the messages show Suzy was into some pretty crazy sex. The messages also show they exchanged phone numbers and made plans for a date. Shortly before their date Suzy stopped responding to messages.





4 Replies to “Is Suzy Suggs a player?”

  1. Yeah this is ridiculous!!! Both accounts are lies. Yes I was on aff like 10 years ago and I did go out on several dates but I never just stand people up. I guess some men don’t take well to rejection. Where is the stuff on men by the way!!!

  2. I talked to her on Tinder a bit. She seemed totally cool. After I googled her name and saw this site, I let her know that someone put her on blast. She got really upset. We stopped talking after that. My conversations were her before all this were totally normal and I never had any indication that she was anything like the claims made above.

  3. She is lying. The last time we talked Suzy had been at Winton Woods playing disc golf with her kids. We discussed some kinky sex and then made plans to meet up that weekend for dinner. We even talked about how she would have to come to my house after because her oldest might be home. She told me she would call me after she dropped her youngest off at her ex’s house so we could meet at the restaurant and have dinner first. I never heard from her. I called and texted a few times but she never responded.

  4. I have known her for a long time and she has never been a flake or stopped talking to someone for no reason that I know of. I can always count on a reply if i message her and If she were to call me right now, i would happily make plans with her and feel confident that she would follow through. I don’t think she is a player at all. She is a true friend and very reliable.

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