Is Susan Raines a player

Name: Susan Raines
Phone: 513-328-1801

According to the review Susan met a man on Tinder. In their messages they talked about sex and agreed to meet. Susan never showed up. The messages also showed she lied to the man about other things.

Is Susan a player?




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2 Replies to “Is Susan Raines a player”

  1. OK not sure who this is was but would like then to respond to me so I can respond to them and find out why they got upset enough at me to slander me having never met them as stated please have him respond to me so I can sort this out.

  2. You call it slander after I already proved to this website you do that to people. Why should I waste my time talking to you when you couldn’t even be bothered to call back or respond to my text messages?

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