Is Stephanie Granger aka Stephanie Gordon a player?

Name: Stephanie Granger
Other Names: Stephanie Gordon
Description: 5’10, blonde
Location: Chattanooga Tennessee USA
Phone: 423-827-3190
Dating Profiles:

Stephanie met a guy on OKCupid and they agreed to meet. From the messages we saw she didn’t want to share her number. She said there were to many people playing games online. At the last minute Stephanie canceled there date but she gave him her phone number and asked him to text. Then she never responded to any of his messages.

Stephanie makes plans with a guy but cancels. Shares her number but never responds to messages. Does that make her the player?

Review January 2017: I met her recently and she was using the name Stephanie Granger. I don’t know which is her real name and which is the name she uses to play guys. Definitely a game player though.

Stephanie Gordon Stephanie Granger

Stephanie Gordon Stephanie Granger

Stephanie Gordon Stephanie Granger

5 Replies to “Is Stephanie Granger aka Stephanie Gordon a player?”

  1. I know this woman. She was BFF with another woman who is a player. She is going by Stephanie Granger now. She sells used panties on the internet for money!!! She is also a frequent at the trapeze club in Atlanta.

  2. I connected with her online and we had a date but she never showed up. Found out later the number she gave me was one of those fake phone number apps. How can you tell if a phone number is real?

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