Is Sophia Holmes aka a player?

Name: Sophia Holmes
Location: Hilton Head, South Carolina

Sophia answered the personal ad of a man looking for a submissive woman and sent the pictures below. They corresponded for a few weeks, Sophia sends naught pics and agree to talk on the phone and make plans to meet. Sophia sent the guy her number and when he texted her, below is what happened (the guy thinks she was high at the time he talked to her and allowed us to post the text messages)

The messages go on and Sophia argues with the guy about why he should be interested and blames going to church as the reason she couldn’t remember who he was. He continues to tell her he isn’t interested and she begins calling him names and harassing him. After more than an hour of him saying he isn’t interested she then says she is to busy to talk and asks if she can call him after her daughter goes to bed. The guy says he doesn’t want to talk to her and doesn’t send her anymore texts.

Update: What makes this even MORE hilarious is the next morning Sophia sends the guy an email asking when they are going to meet. She still doesn’t know which guy is which!!!!!!! He again told her that he was not interested and stopped responding but she continued to email him several times more.

So do you think Sophia Holmes aka is a player?

Sophia Holes aka


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